Tank Welding

Dual Laser Seam Tracking system for compress tank dish end welding application. 

Laser Seam Tracking

Laser Seam Tracking Systems for SPM with cross slides. Features include - Auto search at the beginning - Realtime torch position adjustment with respect to the groove - Dynamic Welding parameter adjustments - Path memorisation - Multipass auto sequencing etc

Laser Seam Tracking for Spiral Pipe ID & OD Welding

Laser Seam Tracking System for Spiral Pipe welding application. Laser Sensor tracks ID and OD weld joints on a two step spiral mill.

Laser Seam Tracking for Multipass Heavy Welding

Fully Automatic Laser Seam Tracking For Multipass Heavy Welding Application. Features include - Initial Positioning - Online Seam Tracking - Data Logging - Welding Machine Interface to Set / Read Welding parameters - Multi pass Sequencing - Color Camera

Laser Seam Tracking for Robotic Welding

Laser Seam Tracking is a non contact torch guidance system for Robotic welding automation. Laser Sensor is mounted in front of a welding torch on a Robot so the sensor looks at the weld joint ahead of welding to calculate and dynamically correct the torch position in realtime. 

Laser Seam Finding for Robotic Welding

Laser Seam Finding is an non contact system used to detect the deviation in the loaded component and automatically offset the robot program to compensate for it.

Arc Viewing Camera

GMAW Welding Video form our Arc Viewing Camera